1. What time will you arrive?
We will normally arrive an hour before our start time. If you require an early set up for any reason just let us know and we can make arrangements to suit your event.

2. What about access?
We have invested in light equipment to ensure access is quick and simple. If we will be playing at a venue we haven’t been to before we will contact or visit the venue before your event and check it out.

3. How long will it take you to set up?

Ideally we prefer to take one hour to set up our equipment from when we gain access to the venue. This gives us enough time to allow for any sound checks, instrument tuning, changing, etc. This also ensures we are calm and ready for your first dance.

4. What are the performance times?

Standard times for an evening function are normally 8pm-12am.
We aim to have background music playing for your guests arriving from 7:30pm.

Obviously this would be different for Christenings or day charity events where we will discuss your individual requirements with you.

If your event is running late or you are still waiting for guests to arrive it’s no problem we will make up for any lost performance time.
Also if your event finishes later let us know and we will adjust accordingly.


5. How far will you travel?

We are based in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire which is in the central belt of Scotland. We are willing to travel up to 1 hour at no extra charge.

If your event is further than this we will consider each case. We don’t have a set limit to how far we will go, we have taken bookings as far north as Dornoch and as far south as Liverpool.

6. How much space do you need?
One of the advantages of booking Yin Yang is that good things come in small packages! We have excellent quality equipment for a big sound but have chosen it wisely to ensure we can fit into or fill any venue.

We have various compositions to suit each type of venue from just two top speakers,up to four top and four bass.


7. What if my venue doesn’t have dance lights?
We have lights to illuminate the stage area and if required we can provide dance-floor lighting. We have disco balls, laser light and UV if that’s your thing. We will be introducing a smoke machine option very soon, if this is something you are interested in to bring some extra atmosphere to your first dance let us know.

8. What if my venue doesn’t have a music license?

Not to worry, we have a valid PRS license that allows us to play in unlicensed venues.

9. What will you play?
We don’t use set lists. Every event is different and every audience is different. We pride ourselves in our ability to gauge what is suited to a particular audience at a particular time. We cover a vast range of era’s from 50’s right up to today’s chart music. We also play a mixture of genre’s including Blue’s, Disco, Rock, Pop, Folk and many more which allows us to play something for everyone.

Our Song List includes all of the songs we play or have done in the past. Some have become a must at a party or wedding whereas some we have brought in for specific events or they were popular at the time and we don’t play them so much anymore.

If there are any in particular you wouldn’t like us to play or any in particular you would like to hear us play let us know at our meeting with you and complete these details on the booking form and we can brush them up in advance or play them for you in the DJ set or during our break.

10. What about the breaks?
Over the course of the night we will perform for 3.5 hours. This can be arranged in various ways. We are flexible as we know this can depend on many factors. The breaks are normally determined by your evening buffet for which we would stop for 30 minutes. During this time we will play music to suit your audience, this can be our opportunity to play any songs requested that we don’t perform.

If you have a particular setlist you would like us to play during a break please notify us in advance and we will have it prepared for you.

We can also connect your own device to our P.A if it has a standard headphone jack socket or a USB.

11. Can my friend sing a song?
If you have someone who would like to sing a song at your special event that is no problem. If you know what they would like to sing let us know in advance incase it’s something we don’t already perform to allow us to prepare a professional track for them. The decision will be with the person or couple who have booked us and arranged before the event . If you couldn’t think of anything worse please tell us and we will ensure you are not put in a difficult position on the night. We will use tact and respectful discretion to ensure the smooth running of your event.

12. What is the cost?
We will provide you with a personalised quote if you contact us with the details of your event. We cannot put a blanket price on any type of event as there are many factors we take into account when preparing a quote. We consider the distance we will be travelling, the cost of any help we have to hire for a venue with difficult access, additional time required to learn songs, our ceilidh, DJ options, set up times, etc. We will provide a discounted quote for block bookings and have a special rate for charity and fundraising events. Each year we choose  special causes and donate our services free of charge.

13. How far in advance should I book?
As far in advance as you can. People book anything up to three years in advance.

If your event is last minute we still advise you contact us as we may have an unexpected cancellation.

We do book dates with venues a year in advance and it may be the case that you have noticed we are booked at a venue on your desired date, this can be swapped or negotiated if we are given adequate notice to allow the venue to arrange something alternative so please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case. You can find our events at www.facebook.com/yinyangentertainment/events

14. Can we provisionally book you?
We can only keep a date exclusively for you when we have been in contact with you to discuss and confirm the details of your event and have received your payment to secure and confirm the booking. We have to operate on a first come first served basis to provide a fair service.

15. How do I know if it’s booked?
We will provide you with a receipt as proof of payment when we have received your payment.

We will also give you a booking form covering the details and arrangements.

We will add your event to our online calendar and it will also show in the events section on our Facebook page. If you would prefer to keep this private that’s no problem just let us know.

16. What if I need to change or cancel the date?
We understand things can change and you may have to rearrange the date or postpone it. If this is the case we will do all we can to accommodate you and switch the booking to another date which will retain your booking fee. If you need to cancel your booking and we are unable to reschedule the date with you, unfortunately your payment to secure the booking is non-refundable.

17. When can we come to hear you perform?
We play at least once a month in pubic venues, several Wedding Shows and Band Showcase Events and at charity events.

Details of our dates, venues and times can be found on our calendar or within the events section of our Facebook page.

18. How loud are you?

The level of volume depends on the venue, the shape of the room, the number of people at the event, but mainly on the audience.

We play at a volume we feel is appropriate to the function. Our equipment provides a high quality sound at a high or low volume.

19. What if my chosen venue has a sound limiter?
Some venues within residential areas are required to use sound limiting equipment. This is designed to cut the power to equipment if the sound exceeds a set level that would disturb close residents.

This is something we understand and work with. We have played venues such as The Cornhill House Hotel, who operate with a sound limiter, we performed at a comfortable volume and there was no issue.

20. What about safety?
We have our equipment PAT tested annually and have completed courses in Health and Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment, Emergency First Aid at Work, Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression and are covered within the PVG Scheme. We are also covered by Public Liability Insurance.

21.What will you wear?
We will arrive in uniform. Black hooded tops, polo shirts and trousers sporting our logo to allow a quick and comfortable set up.

We would appreciate if a place to change can be arranged to ensure we are well presented and ready to start promptly.

We will find out prior to the event what the dress code will be. If you would like us to dress more vintage, or to colour co-ordinate with your wedding we can do this too.

22.Do we have to feed you?
We arrive after the meal time and would not require a meal.

We drink lots of water. We usually have some with us just incase but access to many pints of water is all we need really.

We rarely turn down a buffet invite, but only after your guests have eaten!

23.What about learning songs?
Within our Wedding Package we offer the option to learn up to three songs for your big day. We need an absolute minimum of six weeks notice for this and we can’t be sure we can accommodate any changes to them after this point. We will only do this if there is a professional quality track available or an option for a professional acoustic version.

It may be possible to create a bespoke version of a song for you, just let us know what you have in mind.

24.What sort of ceilidh do you provide?
We offer a maximum of four dances.

We do call instructions for these and provide a walkthrough.

They would be Gay Gordons, Canadian Barn Dance, Strip The Willow and The Dashing White Sergeant.

The two larger dances require more space for safety and if we feel the venue is too small we won’t risk causing any danger and will stick with pair dances.

25.When do we meet you?

We are happy to meet you anytime before or after you book.

We suggest at least one meeting around six weeks prior to the event to allow any last minute decisions to be made. Any closer to the date and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee new songs if we had to learn them. You will also find many appointments with other suppliers happen around the 6-4 week mark so the sooner the better.

26.What if you are ill?

We have played at many events and have never cancelled one, ill or not.

In the past, at the time of the death of a close family member and just after our baby was born we employed a replacement singer to join Ryan with prior agreement of people who booked and offered alternative options too. I have actually signed myself out of accident and emergency to play a wedding and went back afterwards.

In an emergency situation we would contact only excellent suppliers we work with to cover the event if possible just as many other bands would. This would be at full cost to ourselves.

Fortunately we are friends with many talented people and cancelling someones special event is not an option for us unless it was physically unavoidable in the case of a serious accident for example.

Your special event and our reputation are too important to do anything but our best.

27.Can we book you for part of the night?
If we are involved in charity events we often share the entertainment with other acts.

If you are booking us for any other event we are happy to split the night with others, however we cannot offer a reduced rate for this. We will still be setting up before the event and pulling down at the end of the event and we would become unavailable for full night bookings on the particular date in any case.

28.Can we hire sound equipment for our event?

We do offer sound equipment hire if your event requires a double kit and we will be entertaining at some point. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.